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Pour ce premier trimestre 2021, trois expositions sont prévues !

La première , Inner room with a view, est une nouvelle collaboration avec Open art advisory à New York, aux USA... commissaire d'exposition Marion Lamy.

Ensuite, mon premier solo show à la galerie Artcan à Marseille, prévue pour début mars! 

Et ensuite, premier solo show à Lisbonne au Portugal, organisée par Marion Guggenheim en partenariat avec la galerie Boa Lab ! ( repoussée à cause d'un reconfinement...)

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For this first quarter of 2021, three exhibitions are planned!

The first, Inner room with a view, is a new collaboration with Open art advisory in New York, USA ... curator Marion Lamy.


Then, my first solo show at the Artcan gallery in Marseille, scheduled for early March!


And then, the first solo show in Lisbon, Portugal, organized by Marion Guggenheim in partnership with the Boa Lab gallery! (postponed due to re-containment ...)

Past Events

From 27- 08 to 27 - 09   2020

CRAGallery , Turin, italy

La possibilité d'une île 

Solo Show

La possibilité d’une ile is the title of the personal exhibition of the French artist Mickael Doucet (1974) which CRAG Gallery is pleased to host from 27th August to 27th September in via Giolitti 51, Turin.

The works on display speak about an island.

An island of treasure or perhaps a lost and mysterious paradise, for the artist to say the true reassuring and contemporary refuge that he identifies as a virgin place, far from the tumult of the world. It is a place that can be both our origin and our relevance.

The representations are born from the artist’s desire to return to a stage of intimacy and solitude, as a rebirth and detachment from excessively intrusive civilization. This journey, colourful and characterized by architectures and seas, it is powered by the love for literature from which Doucet takes a cue, also for the choice of the subjects represented. From Zeus, to Ulysses to Thomas Moore. Island as utopia, as asylum.

This “utopian elsewhere”, as defined by Doucet, is offered to our eyes, but if we look carefully it is less inaccessible from what it seems. In fact, sometimes it is simply our home, where we have retired far from conflict, to think and meditate, with the help of art and culture.

Curator Marion Guggenheim describes Doucet’s work as “something luxurious. But the luxury of being alone in free spaces, something rare in our urban reality.”


The exhibition will be open during the gallery’s hours from Tuesday to Friday 3.30 – 7.30 pm

Saturday 10.30-1.00 / 3.30 – 7.30 pm- every morning by appointment


For info


+39 3351227609


via Giolitti, 51 – 10123 Torino


more information click here:


Still on the web...

From 24 /04/2020

3D exhibition by Marion Guggenheim

I am delighted to present the virtual exhibition of Mickaël Doucet.

In this period of global confinement, his paintings allow us to escape. Like windows of hope, his paintings project us into an invigorating nature, a softer world.

Je suis ravie de vous présenter l’exposition virtuelle de  Mickaël Doucet.

En cette période de confinement mondial, ses peintures nous permettent de nous évader. Comme des fenêtres d'espoir, ses toiles nous projettent dans une nature vivifiante, un monde plus doux...


"An interpretation of time through space". In one sentence, Mickaël Doucet brings us the key to understand his work. The large interior spaces that he painted in his early days are "Villégiatures", places where "Order and beauty, Luxury, calm and voluptuousness" reign.

Mickaël Doucet’s approach seems to offer a contemporary vision to Baudelaire’s Invitation to Travel.


« Une interprétation du temps par l’espace ». En une phrase, Mickaël Doucet nous apporte la clé de compréhension de son travail. Les grands espaces intérieurs qu’il peint à ses débuts, sont des « Villégiatures », des lieux où règnent « Ordre et beauté, Luxe, calme et volupté ». 

La démarche de Mickaël Doucet semble offrir une vision contemporaine à l’Invitation au voyage de Baudelaire. 

Marion Guggenheim

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